PEMS – Doosan: Meeting on Nov 23, 2023

PEMS and Doosan Towards Net-Zero: Visit and Collaboration at Headquarters to Seek Solutions for the Thermal Power Industry

On November 23, 2023, PEMS (Asia Networks PEMS) and Doosan Enerbility Korea met at Doosan’s headquarters, marking a significant step in their collaborative relationship. The main focus of the working session was to explore advanced solutions to support the thermal power industry in achieving Net-Zero goals, aiming to minimize negative impacts on the environment.

Meeting at the Doosan Headquarters

The meeting at Doosan’s headquarters followed a prior working session on November 6, 2023, where Doosan Enerbility Korea and Asia Networks PEMS engaged with the Power Generation Corporation 3 (EVNGENCO3) to discuss a long-term maintenance service program for power plants. During the tripartite meeting, Doosan Enerbility and Asia Networks PEMS introduced their capabilities and areas of operation that could meet the needs and provide services for power plants in Vietnam. Both parties proposed long-term services to ensure stability and reliability in plant operations, discussing collaboration processes such as maintenance, training, biomass fuel conversion, and other cooperative opportunities like spare parts supply and performance evaluations.

Following the tripartite meeting, PEMS organized a special visit to the headquarters of Doosan Enerbility on November 23, 2023. This event was not only an opportunity for exchanging ideas but also a crucial step in building a foundation for expanded collaboration between PEMS and Doosan, aiming to drive significant innovations in the thermal power industry.

The actual situation regarding Net-Zero commitments in Vietnam.

The situation regarding Net-Zero commitments in Vietnam is reflected in CO2 emission data. Specific figures illustrate the emission levels of various industries such as steel, aviation, automobiles, and even shirt manufacturing, which can potentially release CO2 during the production process. In this context, the energy sector accounts for 40%, with coal being the primary source. When considering carbon emission rates, key influencing factors include energy (fossil fuels), which constitutes the largest portion (approximately 60%), followed by agriculture and transportation. Based on the composition of each contributing factor, it is possible to calculate the most effective roadmap for reducing carbon emissions. 

In response to this challenge, CO2 emission reduction solutions may focus on liquefying CO2, reusing CO gas in production processes, and diverting CO2 into other applications to prevent dispersion. Bloomberg NEF proposes increasing the capacity for CO2 capture and storage to achieve Net-Zero goals, predicting that the world needs to capture billions of tons of CO2 by 2030.

Over 140 countries, 1,200 companies, 1,000 cities, and many organizations have committed to Net-Zero standards. However, closing the gap between ambition and action needs to be minimized, presenting a significant challenge. Vietnam, despite being a high emitter, faces financial difficulties and substantial investments to achieve Net-Zero goals.

While Net-Zero presents opportunities for connection and resource mobilization, it is also a challenging race. Vietnam, with its high economic growth rate, must confront the potential vulnerabilities to climate change and requires substantial investment to transition to a low-carbon development model and adapt to climate change.

PEMS and Doosan Meeting Proposal

Experts from PEMS and Doosan diagnosed performance, analyzed the reasons for performance decline, and proposed solutions to conduct a thorough assessment of modern solutions. The aim is to optimize energy performance, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote fuel conversion in power plants.


Representatives from both sides discussed and proposed detailed collaborations in the areas of fuel conversion, maintenance, training, and spare parts supply to support power plants in the modernization process and achieve Net-Zero goals.

PEMS and Doosan demonstrated a shared vision, aiming to build a sustainable thermal power industry, positively contributing to global efforts to achieve Net-Zero goals.

PEMS’s visit to Doosan’s headquarters not only marks an important step in the collaboration between PEMS and Doosan but also actively contributes to the development of the thermal power industry. It serves as a significant turning point in building a foundation for expanded cooperation between PEMS and Doosan, promoting crucial innovations in the thermal power industry, especially in the context of advancing towards an environmentally friendly and sustainable future.