Up-to-date with the la test technology, PEMS is confident to provide the best solutions for the maintenance and operation needs of the Thermal Power industry, Petroleum, Petrochemical Refining, and Wastewater Treatment.

From turnkey industrial maintenance solutions to short-term support, we provide the services that meet your needs.

Unique & Comprehensive Program


Besides our hi-qualified skilled engineers, PEMS is an authorized distributor of DOOSAN Enerbility in Vietnam, meanwhile, Doosan experts will always be able to provide consultancy, training, and hands-on training with comprehensive solutions.


Reliability is at the core of everything we do to provide you with improved uptime and asset performance.


Built on four foundational pillars are safety, employees, customers, and results – we are focused on continuous Improvement.


Dedication and Integrity

We know unplanned downtime, technology integrations and the recruitment and retention of maintenance personnel can put your production at risk. Through our reliability expertise in outsourced maintenance and industrial maintenance management, your factory floor will be running like a well-oiled machine. Our commitment to flexibility, transparency and collaboration is foundational to our success, and we pride ourselves in a work philosophy built upon continuous improvement and thorough alignment to our customers’ business goals. That’s why when we engage with your maintenance process and operations, we don’t just consider you our customer – you’re our partner in production excellence.